Feed Lot Conveying System

Techquip were approached by a customer that specialises in large feedlots in WA’s Mid West to review the application of a series of newly installed grain silos which would feed a final load from the silo to the pelletising mill, and to provide a workable solution, as there was no ability for the major original equipment manufacturer to fabricate a suitable conveyor from the holding silo to the mill.

Upon a visit to site, the engineers at Techquip took a detailed site plan to understand the requirements and issues of the project. It was found that the approach angles of the conveyor and the lack of height under the silo made the application difficult. This included the discharge angle into the mill that was less than ideal for the equipment to work to its full potential. It was also discovered that standard equipment would not fit the original design.   

Project Requirements

To rectify these issues, Techquip utilised a low profile conveyor version of Modquips enclosed conveyors.

Project Equipment

Modquip enclosed conveyor which is made from 304 stainless steel – which ensured that the unit, which was located outdoors, would not suffer from the harsh Australian environmental conditions while also keeping the grain dry.

Project Solution

Through the use of Modquips enclosed conveyors, this enabled the tail end to tuck under the silo. The head was designed to be open to allow the product to fall into the specially designed oblique angle chute to enter the mill correctly. 

The unit was constructed in the Techquip workshop in Wangara, however to save on freight costs, Inquip were able to ship as a flat pack for local assembly.


The customer was extremely satisfied to have the equipment that had been originally purchased, working to its full potential. This would not have occurred if it was not for the conveyor that Inquip designed, built and installed.

Equipment Used

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