Project planning and plan upgrades can be fully conceptualised with 3D modelling engineering software, test your project before entering production.

Comprehensive and reliable services and repairs for a range of engineering equipment at our fully kitted-out warehouse in Wangara.

We support all industries including Mining, Building & Construction, Feedstock/Grain, Renewable Energy, Waste Water Treatment and more. 

Tech provides technical engineering services for bulk materials handling and power transmission.

Our Engineering and R&D team offer innovative solutions for power transmission, automation, water treatment, and bulk materials handling equipment. 

We work with the World’s leading manufacturers to build, modify and install products for your bulk materials handling needs.

ModQuip Loss-in-weight

Loss-in-Weight System

Techquip was approached by a client to create a dosing system for various powdered products and materials with assorted densities and flows required in each application.

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Mobile ES Screw Conveyor Trailer

Mobile Hopper Trailer

Techquip, in collaboration with Inquip, was commissioned by a mining customer to design, supply & install a mobile bag unloading unit to load dose magnesium sulphate into a designated pre-existing plant shoot.

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Feed Lot Conveying System

Techquip were approached by a customer that specialises in large feedlots in WA’s Mid West to review the application of a series of newly installed grain silos and to provide a workable solution.

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