Mobile Hopper Trailer

Techquip, in collaboration with Inquip and Automation & Control, was commissioned by a mining customer to design, supply & install a mobile bag unloading unit to load dose magnesium sulphate into a designated pre-existing plant shoot.

Mobile ES Screw Conveyor Trailer

With an increased demand for powder handling technology, our Customer requested a quick turnaround on a mobile bag unloading unit to load dose magnesium sulphate into a specific shoot in order to urgently commission a new multi-million dollar plant.


Inquip designed a 2m³ hopper trailer with a 5m incline ES Cement Screw Conveyor & Feeder equipped with a Sumitomo Helical Buddybox gearmotor. Techquip fitted the trailer with multiple jacks to stabilise the unit whilst in operation to achieve the final incline angle required to match the pre-existing plant shoot. Safety grid mesh was installed with an integrated safety interlock switch and a fully operational control panel.


  • ES Screw Conveyor D-168mm
  • Customised 5m Hopper Trailer
  • Integrated Safety Interlock Switch & Safety Mesh
  • Fully Operation Control Panel
  • Sumitomo Helical Gearmotor


Following the installation by Techquip, our customer has benefited from trouble-free commissioning. In addition, the unit has since been redeployed and now acts as a Waste Return Unit.


The 2m³ hopper trailer was delivered a week ahead of schedule, on time & within budget ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.

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