Industrial Gearbox Repair Overhaul

Is your industrial gearbox grinding, jumping out of gear, not changing gear, overheating, leaking or showing fault codes? Our expert team rebuild and repair all types of industrial gearboxes to OEM Specs. On-site, or in our fully equipped warehouse.

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Gearbox failures can lead to costly downtime and loss of productivity in a workplace. At Techquip, our promise to you is to ensure your equipment is operational and running as efficiently as possible, within a quick timeframe.

With servicing, refurbishment, repairs and ongoing maintenance plans available, our experts can ensure the smooth operation on any industrial gearbox brand, make or model.

Benefits of Techquip Servicing & Overhaul

  • Industrial gearbox repair of any type or brand
  • Full gearbox rebuild/refurbishment option available
  • Gearbox suppliers on leading Euro and Japanese brands
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Extensive OEM gearbox expertise

Our Services

  • General Industrial Gearbox Servicing
  • Full Industrial Gearbox Rebuild or Refurbishment
  • Drive Assembly Repair
  • Industrial Clutch Repairs
  • 24/7 and On-Site Service
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Spares & Gearbox Supply

Our Process

Upon receipt at our premises, our technicians perform a full unit inspection, completely stripping the unit before taking photographs and providing you with a full condition report and quotation.

We then undertake a complete dimensional check on the gearbox housing, including:

  • Concentricity and parallelism of bores 
  • Ovality of bores 
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning of bores
  • Mounting face flatness on all planes 
  • Joint Face Flatness 

We then perform shaft checking and reassembly, ensuring dimensional accuracy, concentricity, ovality and straightness before being reused.

After painting your gearbox, our warehouse will also prepare the goods for dispatch according to your requirements. Packaging, wrapping and different forms of protection can all be catered for by our dispatch division, including using our own transport services. That way, full control of your job is maintained right through until final delivery.

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