Dust Collector in Situ Cleaner (DISC)

Techquip provides the Dust Collector in Situ Cleaner (DISC) for Dust Collector Maintenance.

At Techquip, the service division of Inquip, bulk materials handling specialists, we have reviewed the methods used to clean dust collectors. With some specialised equipment we hope to vastly improve performance and some issues commonly found in dust collector servicing.

Techquip has developed a unique system known as the “Dust-collector In Situ Cleaner” or DISC for short. This handy little machine allows for cleaning of filter media, without removing it and keeping the dust inside the collector.

Our unique method, we can reduce typical time taken to service a dust collector by 60 percent and has an added benefit of significantly reducing the cost of not only servicing the dust collector, but reducing down time and other procedures affected by such operations

Standard cleaning of a dust collector would be to manually remove the filter media and hand clean them, allowing dust and material to escape. We aim to drastically reduce and possibly remove any environmental impact from this process, benefitting operators and surrounding areas.

Techquip’s DISC cleaning system can be tailored to suit almost any pneumatic reverse pulse dust collector, cleaning the media while it remains with the confines of the collector housing, while more effective at breaking away dust buildup helping improve the standard operating life of filter media keeping them cleaner for longer.

Below you can see a comparable difference between a WAM dust collector cartridge taken literally seconds apart mid clean with Techquip’s “Dust-collector In Situ Cleaner”

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