Modquip TFG Grinding Tables

TFG series of industrial grinding tables are used for exhaust of smoke and dust particles in the grinding and welding of metals. Tables are available in various sizes including TFG 800 / 1600 / 2400.

TFG Extraction Table

The TFG suction series of grinding tables meet high industry-standard filtering efficiency. The table removes smoke and particles from the working zone where the workers breathe and work.

The fan mounted in the housing guarantees high airflow, high-quality suction and low noise level. With built-in cartridges and fans, there is no need for additional piping and filter units. It is easy to maintain and transport from one job to another. A dust collector is included at the bottom of the suction table to collect the dust particles. The sides can be opened to extend the desk surface.

Grinding Table With Filtration

  • Used for fine woodworking processes
  • Integrated filter unit
  • Dust drawer is located at the bottom of the table
  • Side panels can be removed for extension of workspace
  • Available in three standard sizes

Optional Extras

  • Atex components
  • Different types of cartridges
  • Different types of mesh material
  • Neon light
  • Clamp
ModelWeight (kg)Recommended Airflow (m3/h)Average Pressure Drop (Pa)Dust Container (lit)
TFG 8001801000 – 2000390190
TFG 16003202000 – 30002002 x 190
TFG 24004403000 – 40001003 x 190


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