Silo and Dust Collector Servicing and Reporting

Does you silo meet OH&S requirements? Silos should be serviced every six months to ensure they comply with Australian OH&S standards, and to preserved operation.

Dust Collector in Situ Cleaning Servicing DISC

With our fully-equipped mobile servicing vehicles, we offer prompt, on-site servicing to ensure your Silo and Dust Collectors are operating at peak efficiency, reducing costly downtime and keeping your workplace safer.

Regular maintenance of dust collection equipment is essential as faulty dust collection equipment can result in over pressurisation of silo and hazardous site environment resulting in injury, property damage and production downtime.

Benefits of Silo & Dust Collector Servicing

  • Maintain efficiency of dust collector
  • Optimise the life of dust filter
  • Lower repair costs
  • Ensure dust collector and silo are compliant with EPA, WHS and legistaltion

Comprehensive Services We Offer

  • Servicing of all types of dust collectors, silo vent filters, filter bags and cartridge media
  • Leak tests
  • Preventative maintenance contracts to help detect faults early and reduce failures
  • Emergency after-hours break down servicing
  • Diagnostic assessments of your dust collecting systems
  • Re-design, upgrades and assessments
  • Silo functionality reporting
  • Spares


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