Modquip Conveyors

Utilising new design methods and products available from our Bulk Materials Handling division – Inquip, Techquip have developed a very competitive modular conveyor system.

Our Modquip Conveyors are assembled from locally stocked components for immediate delivery, and are manufactured and assembled using basic tools – no welding or special equipment is required. Flat packed to minimise freight costs, they can be delivered anywhere in Australasia quickly. We offer full assembly and site installation including commissioning when required.

The conveyors can be ordered in standard widths and lengths, or special requirements are also available and designs are completed in hours.


  • Conveyor widths also available in 1250mm and 1400mm
  • All Conveyors are powder coated before assembly
  • Inclination up to 33 degrees available
  • Stainless Steel Conveyors available for food application and corrosive environments
  • Standard Duty and Heavy Duty trough conveyor also available
  • All Speeds available – All Drives supplied from Inquip stock
  • VSD Drives – Scrapers – Magnets – Diverter Chutes and many other standard additions available
  • Conveyor Lengths available in 500mm increments
  • Special customised designs available
  • 3D Models available
  • Conveyors supplied flat packed for on-site assembly and economical installation
  • Site installation teams available in all states
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Distributors, Service Agents and Parts available throughout Australia

Standard sizes (width)

  • 400mm
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm

The lengths are constructed in 500mm increments, therefore any length requirement can be supplied.

CodeStandard WidthsTPHAngleHead Drum DIARPMStandard Speed Mtr/SecStandard Conveyor Length (Available up to 100 metres)
MQPA050A3005016856.80.50.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW
150.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW
MQPB063B35010016856.80.50.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW
150.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.55 kW0.55 kW0.55 kW
MQPC063C45020021965.40.750.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.55 kW0.55 kW0.55 kW
150.37 kW0.37 kW0.55 kW0.75 kW0.75 kW1.1 kW
MQPD075D60050021987.210.55 kW0.55 kW0.55 kW0.75 kW0.75 kW1.1 kW
150.75 kW0.75 kW1.1 kW2.2 kW2.2 kW3 kW
MQPE080E75075027370.010.55 kW0.55 kW0.75 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW
151.1 kW1.1 kW1.5 kW3 kW3 kW4 kW
MQPF093F1000125032359.110.75 kW0.75 kW1.1 kW1.5 kW1.5 kW1.5 kW
151.1 kW1.5 kW2.2 kW4 kW4 kW5.5 kW

Based on: Bulk Density 1t/m3 Surcharge Angle 15deg


Our design team also offer customisation to your specific requirements and our conveyors are manufactured to accept the following with no modifications

  • Belt Cleaning
  • Magnetic Systems
  • Drive Control Systems
  • Diverter Chutes
  • Dust Collection
  • Food Grade options

Due to its versatility, the Modquip Conveyor System can be adapted to suit most applications at low cost.

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