Case Studies

Our team have helped improve organisational efficiency through reducing downtime and maximising the life of equipment. Read how we have kept workplaces safe and operational through our servicing, engineering and maintenance.

We have successfully completed a huge variety of projects for Mining, Livestock, Asphalt, Cement & Minerals, Concrete Production, Dymix Building Materials, Oil & Gas, Waste Water Treatment Industries and more. 

  • Mobile Hopper Trailer

    Mobile Hopper Trailer

    Techquip, in collaboration with Inquip, was commissioned by a mining customer to design, supply & install a mobile bag unloading unit to load dose magnesium sulphate into a designated pre-existing plant shoot.

  • Feed Lot Conveying System

    Feed Lot Conveying System

    Techquip were approached by a customer that specialises in large feedlots in WA’s Mid West to review the application of a series of newly installed grain silos and to provide a workable solution.

  • Grain Conveyor

    Grain Conveyor

    Tec was engaged by a grain bagging customer who was having difficulty with an old conveyor that was used to carry grain filled bags to the packing station.

  • Pivoted Weigh Screws for Blending Plant

    Pivoted Weigh Screws for Blending Plant

    Techquip were commissioned to design and build a continuous weighing system to blend a variety of powdered materials from 4 silos into a series of blended material bins ready for final bagging.

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